Friday, July 8, 2011

Dough Balls

I religiously read Peas and Thank You.

You see Mama Pea is hilarious and incredibly ingenious with her recipeas (nope not a misspell at all).

So last night I successfully made what I think may be Mama Pea's signature item...dough balls.

In an effort to go raw (not bake the food) I made her light version.

All you need are dates (medjool), almonds, vanilla extract or paste, sea salt, and chocolate chips.

For the recipe go here.

The only change I made was to solely use almonds instead of an almond and cashew combination (I didn't have any cashews on hand).

Now I have attempted this recipea on several occasions and for whatever reason I have failed miserably every time.

BUT at last success!!!!

I started by rolling a few for each of the kids and these were their reactions

Caroline "Oh my goodness this is so good that I just can't handle it...can I have some more?"

Andrew "That was good...can I have some more?"

Owen "I believe these might be the best thing EVER...can I have some more?"

So the bowl looked like this after a couple of balls

Then like this


I didn't even get a chance to hold some back so that I could save them for later.

I do have to concur with the children though.

These are delicious, quite possibly one of the best things I have ever had.

Because they were so good I had to go out today and get these

Word to the wise don't forget to read the step that tells you to remove the pits of the dates.

I sort of forgot to do that and an awful noise came out of my food processor.

Tomorrow I am so excited that I will get to show you the bounty of my weekly CSA...I am talking HUGE haul this week.

Also if you could I am in the running to be in the top 25 family blogs at Circle of Moms (there is a button on the right hand side).  If you could give me some love and a vote I would greatly appreciate it.  There are only 5 more days of voting!!!


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