Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hello Friends

Well I took a little time off from blogging...since June of last year to be exact.

I needed some time to recharge and get back my blogging mojo.

So I've done a bunch of baking and reading books.

I have got some delicious foods that I want to share with you all, starting tomorrow with butternut squash bread (think pumpkin bread but WAY better).

I've checked out a whole slew of books from the library that I kept telling myself "One day I will read that"...well that day came and here are two of my favorites:

A very moving book (yes I cried a couple of times) and is definitely one to share with meat eaters.  He provides some pretty vivid details on animals and their treatment which really should get people thinking about whether the meat they are buying in the store really is worth the pain and suffering of the animal.

I had to lighten up and so decided next up was a fun, quick read, about ways to conserve resources and to think twice before you make a purchase.  Jeff has been featured on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates (which is a mostly contrived show about ways people freakishly try to save a dime).  The book is full of some very practical ways to trim your budget and to help save some dough so that you can actually have a retirement and not have to work until the day you die.

Well that is about it for right now.  I will get back in the blogging groove the more I do it again, kind of like riding a bike.

I have recipes galore to share, both sweet and savory (and not all vegan).

For now I am going catch up with my favorite blogs, and hey maybe you can check them out too:

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  1. I'm so happy to see you showing up in my feed again!! Welcome back! :)

    You will be happy to know that I've made some pretty big steps in cutting animals out of my diet! The only meat I still eat is fish, except for a few exceptions when we travel. I like to try dishes that are authentic to the country we are in, so occasionally they contain meat, but hey, it's a start right?! :)

  2. Hey Rachel! I am so happy that you're back blogging! I've missed you so much & blogging world just hasn't been the same without you ♥
    I'm just about to take a break myself, but I'll be back in a couple of weeks and look forward to catching up with all your news then xx