Friday, May 24, 2013

The Weekend is Here

Funny story last week I went strawberry picking with Andrew.  When the owner of the farm started passing out plastic clamshells, to put the freshly picked berries in, Andrew and his friend gave her the lowdown on why plastics were bad and let her know that plastic released nasty chemicals into our environment.  It seems that Andrew not only took in what Beth Terry and Danielle Richardet had to say 2 months ago when they were in town, but he is sharing the information with everyone he knows.

I wasn't the least bit embarrassed by his announcement, I was proud that he was sharing the information he had.

Our family has been slowly incorporating more plastic free options in our house.

For example I only buy tomato sauce that is in glass jars.  No more cans because the acid from the tomatoes can leach chemicals from the cans.  We don't buy food items, if we can help it, that are in plastic.  Case in point all our peanut butter now comes in glass.

The flipside having all of these glass jars has made getting bulk items at the grocery store easier AND I have been packing leftovers from lunch in them handily.  My son Owen actually had a plastic talk with one of his friends one day while he was heating up his lunch.

We are spreading the word!

Today I want to share a product that I was introduced to through Conscious Box and that is Bambooee.  These are towels are sustainably produced from organic bamboo.  They are soft in texture and can be washed over and over again.

The number of uses for them is endless.  You can clean up spills, wipe messy little faces, or wash up the windows.

What I think is pretty amazing is how clean they come in the wash.  My husband used one to soak some grease out of bacon.  Once washed the towel looked just like new.  He was super impressed and at that moment bought in to why I made the purchase.

Fun fact Bambooee gives back to the global good by planting a tree for each purchase.

To help proliferate the anti-paper towel movement I would like to give away a towel sample to 15 lucky winners.

I haven't been compensated by Bambooee in anyway to provide this review, I just did it because I really believe in their product.

To enter the giveaway please use the rafflecopter below.  The winner will be announced in Wednesday morning's post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So do you have any good plans this weekend?  I am taking my oldest, Owen, to his first political activist movement.  We are going to participate in the March Against Monsanto on Saturday.  This should be an interesting learning experience for him and will expose him to what regular citizens can do if they band together.


  1. Always inspiring Rachel. I feel I am on a path to less consumerism, waste, etc, but then I read your posts, or learn something new elsewhere, I know there is lots more I can do.

    It's great that you are a mom and still find the energy to do this because I find that with kids many of us want to take the path of least resistance.

    I am slowly but surely incorporating more of these strategy's into my life. I do use micro-fibers a lot for cleaning, but would love to try out this product!

  2. Those Bambooee towels sound great. I don't use any paper towels/napkins (except for the ones we occasionally get from fast food) but these would be nice to have around for occasional clean-up jobs!

  3. I have dramatically decreased the number of paper towels used here. I love to use towels instead. These sound wonderful!

    Love always,

  4. I have been using fewer and fewer paper towels lately. I simple use my favorite old rags for just about everything. Over and over again!

  5. Curious about those towels...

  6. We try to use less and less paper towels each week. I purposely only buy single rolls so that I'm even more aware of our consumption. This product looks great! Thank you for sharing, sweet friend!

  7. Hi Rachel,

    A few months ago I stopped buying plastic ziplock bags. I cannot stand them at all. I can't imagine how many this world goes through, but they make for such waste and I had finally had it. I'm done. I'm getting use to it. And I've never used paper towels, ever. It's so funny because I've always just thought they are such a waste. I am so impressed by your efforts.

    I showed my friend Thira your blog. Maybe you two will get to know each other? :) YOu are very much alike. I love it!

    SHauna xoxoxo

  8. What a proud moment for you! And what a brave little boy Andrew is! Until you stop trying to use it, you don't realize how much plastic packaging you actually purchase! We've cut back, too. I actually like having all of the glass jars around. When we've finished the food inside of them, they're useful for so many different things!

  9. It's fantastic that Owen and Andrew are spreading the word and well done you for inspiring them!