Monday, February 4, 2013

Self Sufficiency

What is this you might ask?

A fair enough question.

It is my first run at greening my beauty routine.

See last week I posted some goals I had to decrease my carbon footprint.

Part of my goals was to make my own shampoo.

With that I did a bunch of reading and it was suggested that you have a period of time where you wash your hair with baking soda and then use an apple cider vinegar rinse.

So enter the baking soda (on the white it is not a controlled substance), the tinted jar of apple cider rinse, lemon peel sugar scrub, and a lemon rind as a face tonic.

Before jumping in the shower on Sunday I used the lemon rind (I grated the zest to save for a future project) to rub all over my face as a toner (gently mind you, and stay away from the can sting a little).  The lemon can help with purifying the skin cells (which helps with the signs of aging, skin problems, age spots, etc).

I got in the shower and rinsed my face and then I washed my hair with a tablespoon of baking soda.  I was a little worried once I got it in my hair, as I was not sure that it would all come out and/or that I would have a big greasy mess on my head before heading to church.

To make my fears a little worse I rinsed with the vinegar, which was super cold and smelled funny.  I used about half of the jar of rinse.

Things did improve when I used my sugar scrub as it smelled quite pleasant.

So how well did the items work?

Well it is probably too soon to tell if the lemon is going to make my skin look any younger, but I'll keep trying it and see what happens.  I figure if it makes the cells healthier it should give me a more vibrant appearance.

The scrub gave my skin a nice softness all day and the piece de hair.

I was so very pleased once it dried and I could see that it was cleaner now then it has ever been.

My hair was nice, clean, and shiny.  I finally realized that what I had been reading was true.  You don't need the various shampoos to make you have a nice head of just need $1 to buy a box of baking soda and a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

To make the items above:

Vinegar Rinse:
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 C water

Sugar Scrub:
peel of 1 lemon
1/2 C sugar
olive oil

I cut up the lemon peel and put it, and the sugar, in my Vita-Mix.  I blended them together until they were of a fine consistency then added enough olive oil to make a paste (sorry I didn't measure how much oil I used, but I know it didn't take much).

So be sure to save your lemon peels (they can have a whole host of uses) such as:

  • degreaser
  • clean your microwave
  • polish chrome
  • deodorize your garbage disposal
  • clean your stainless steel sink
  • refresh your cutting board
What things do you do, or have you read about, that can green your beauty routine?


  1. I had been reading about using baking soda and vinegar on my hair and almost did that this weekend. I can't wait to see your hair tomorrow! Do you have any idea how often you should use it?

    Love always,

  2. Good for you! I love this post. I have heard about the baking soda/vinegar concoction but I think after your reminder I'll actually give it a go. I make a scrub out of brown sugar and coconut oil quite often to scrub all our lips. Especially in the winter they get so chapped so I whip up a batch and we all use it. It smells & works great. Simple.

  3. I just noticed your mom commented above, so cute. Looks like you guys are like minded :)

  4. So good to do this! I need to try myself. I have heard great things about a lemon. I'm eager to see how these work for you in the weeks to come. Thank you for another delightful post. And thank you for your sweet words on my blog! I hope you have a wonderful end to your week.

  5. Good for you! I've often thought of trying something because we have such hard water and it leaves the most awful residue in your hair.

  6. Oh Rachel, my mom use to comment on my blog too!!! This makes me so happy. You're the only other person I've seen that has a mom commenting. So sweet.

    I just love you. You inspire me to do better. I'm going to try harder. I love your will to want to do what you think is best.

    Shauna xoxoxoxxo

  7. I love these kinds of things...I too am afraid to try the hair, but have used ACV on my face. Way to go frugal mama!

  8. I know it's just a matter of time before I start doing this (I'm already using vinegar and baking soda for everything else). Haven't yet, though :).

  9. Things couldn't get much simpler (and cheaper!) than baking soda and vinegar for hair shampoo and conditioner could they?. You'll have to give us an update in a month's time to let us know how it's going. I'm currently using the Dessert Essence Coconut Range which I adore... but I'm willing to give anything a shot ;)