Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mott's Medleys

If you are like me you probably grew up eating applesauce and for me the one company that sticks out in the applesauce industry is Mott's (I always loved the cinnamon one).

I always have fond memories of them and when I was given a chance, through My Blog Spark, to sample Mott's new Medley's I thought it would be perfect for my kids.

The Medley's are fruit flavored gummy snacks.

I received 3 in Berry and 3 in Assorted Fruit (made with fruit and vegetable juice so I don't guilty about giving them as a snack).

They have come in handy when we are running errands, or lounging by the pool.  You can toss a couple in your purse to have handy should the need arise.

With each box containing 10 packs I have had an ample supply to share with my kiddos.

Now I have been given the chance to give you, my readers, a gift pack just like I received.  I have two of them to share.

To enter leave me a comment below. 

Need a suggestion: You can tell me one of the foods that has a special childhood memory for you, or maybe how having snacks like this would help make snacking easier for you.

The giveaway will be open until Tuesday June 26th.


  1. this would be great to send to my kids at daycare and take to the pool or for the emergency grocery store trips
    tcogbill at live dot com

  2. I would love to have these for my kids as my daughter always Loves fruit snacks and they are small enough to fit in the diaper bag!

    danav27 at gmail dot com

  3. be great for when we go on vacation next month...for snacks at the beach etc .

  4. Would love for my son to try these! I also really enjoyed Fruit Roll-Ups as a child!! Tonya