Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun Friday Foto

Yes I know "foto" is the incorrect spelling, but hey today I was feeling alliterate.

Happy Friday to you all and to all the veteran's today "Thank You."

At meals I often have a camera with me because I never know when I will want to take a photo of the kids, of more often food.

This week, at dinner, I captured a photo of Andrew that I thought was worth sharing.

He was not drinking a Newcastle (he just happens to love this glass).

It was apple juice with a little head on it.

I thought it was funny and just wanted to share.

This weekend I am going to attempt almond and rice milk (results coming on Monday...even if they are a fail).

What do you have on your agenda?

May you all have a happy and safe weekend!


  1. Great photos! But how can you miss with such an adorable subject! Glad to hear he wasn't actually "having a pint"!

  2. That's funny! I thought it might be cider!

  3. SO cute! And I love your idea for raspberry polka dots for my next cheesecake...yum!

  4. Such cute photos! They did make me smile :)
    We had a wonderful weekend - popped into Bath on Saturday for coffees, lunch and a trip to the kids club cinema to watch 'The Smurfs'. The film was actually much better than I thought it would be!
    Sunday, we went to the local Church Remembrance Service. Lil L marched to the church with the cubs and scouts. It was a very moving service... and great to see such a big turn out!
    Have a great week Rachel xx