Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kids are funny...

It is no secret that kids are funny.  Television shows such as, America's Funniest Home Videos, have been built around that premise (numerous dads have taken crotch shots with various sports equipment in the name of earning $10, 000 and a few moments with Bob Saget).

I have in my family one of those kids who is perpetually funny.

This is my 4 year old with his mustache on.  He is a crafty little soul as his "mustache" was made from the name tag he wears at church (you have to tag your kids, like coats, so someone else doesn't walk away with them).

For Andrew apparently humor comes naturally let me provide you with evidence

We needed to take a couple of pictures of him in his new tux (he will be in his Uncle's wedding on July 16th) but even in moment where he could have just sat still he knew there were faces to be made.

Andrew can often be found sporting a hat

Taking extreme close ups 

And then of course horsing around with his brother and uncle (the one who is soon to be married).

Andrew though is multi-faceted besides knowing precisely when to mug for the camera he has perfect comedic timing.

When he gets caught for say punching his brother, he will respond "You saw?"  The tone and inflection really make it.

To make all men proud I have the following example.  When taking him out of the car to go shopping I put him on my hip and said (rather loudly) "OW you squished my huge *man parts*"  I nearly died in the parking lot and prayed no one heard his words.

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  1. He makes me laugh every day!

    Love always,